Apple is introducing a whole new line of emoji this fall

If you thought World Emoji Day was going to come and go without phone brands making a big deal over it, you’d be dead wrong. Apple has previewed some fancy new emoji coming this fall to their systems and the theme tying it all together seems to be diversity.  ...

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apple tvOS 13

tvOS 13 brings new features like PS4 and Xbox One controller support

Apple has previewed tvOS 13, the next operating system behind the Apple TV 4K. There’s a couple of interesting features to note here, particularly its new support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers! “TvOS powers the Apple TV 4K experience and continues to set the standard for home entertainment,” ...

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iOS 13 preview

Apple’s iOS 13 preview brings various improvements and a new Dark Mode

It’s a dark and stormy night. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles outside your window, but you don’t care. You’re all tucked in and would like to check out some cat videos on YouTube before sleeping. Naturally, you reach for your iPhone and unlock it. Then it hits you. Lo and ...

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Australian teen who hacked Apple hoped to land a job there

Youth is a wonderful thing. It’s a period when you discover yourself, other people and make connections that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s also a time where people are likely to make the silliest mistakes of their life. Case in point, an Australian teen was recently handed a nine-month ...

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apple app store 10th ann

Apple’s games curation is helping SEA developers with visibility

Apple made waves earlier this year with their Apple Arcade announcement, a gaming subscription that promised no in-app purchases, no ads and offline play for more than 100 curated games. We’re still pining for details before it launches in Fall 2019, but just what sort of games can we ...

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Apple Arcade

Apple unveils its own subscription-based game service, Apple Arcade

Wow, it’s only been three months into 2019 and we already have two major tech flags planted. The first is Google’s Stadia game streaming service, which you can check out here. The second is Apple Arcade, a once-off game subscription service which was just revealed today. What’s in the ...

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Punfound Hits #1 in Singapore's AppStore

Below are some of the many awfully brilliant puns that Punfound: The Word Game About Puns features. Released two months ago, the game hit #1 on Singapore’s AppStore for iOS in both Trivia and Word category on October 2. It has received good reception from Android users as well, ...

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