App Assessment: Civilization Revolution 2 (iOS)

Consider this, back in 2009, the App Store was merely a year old. The most new-fangled of Apple's smartphones was looked up upon as the iPhone 3GS, and you only had so many phone models you could play the original Civilization Revolution for iOS on. Five years down the ...

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Hacking Is Your Smartphone: Don't Forget Your ctOS Companion App

[UPDATED] The long-awaited, highly-anticipated Watch_Dogs goes in stores from today, and while we can't talk jack about the game until the embargo is lifted, Ubisoft has an update about the ctOS Companion App, released for iOS at time of writing.

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Flappy Bird Creator to Release New Game This Month

Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, removed the game from markets because it had “ruined (his) simple life”, in February. Since then, many imitations of Flappy Bird has hit the App Store and Google Play. With the money generated from Flappy Bird (that is, almost $50,000 daily), Nguyen plans ...

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