Since the days of Geekbot, we’ve been associating ourselves with our game reviews. We have a full writeup for our reviews that can seem to get out of hand, but we know that some of you don’t have the time for that.¬†With the move to our new home, we at RobotsGoneBad decided it was time to be less vague with the numbers we put in our reviews. It is with this, that we present our new Scoresheet.

The RGB Review Scoresheet

The new RGB Review Scoresheet allows us to explain how we came up with the numbers for Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Lasting Appeal on videogame reviews, because we sure don’t use a random number generator, that’s for sure.

Final Score
Graphics 0.0
How a game looks in terms of detail and graphical performance, whether there’s lag or signs of screen tearing.
Sound 0.0
How good a game sounds, be it the blips of 8-bit sound or orchestral soundtrack. Voicing of characters also contribute to this score.
Gameplay 0.0
What the frustration-to-pleasure ratio is on a game. Will we put the controller down or toss it at the screen?
Lasting Appeal 0.0
Is there anything else left to do after saving the princess? This score tallies the amount of gameplay you can amass after you finish the game once.


The non-average Final Score is determined as usual, but now there’s a fun adjective below the big numbers dependant on how the game scores. The new scoresheet will be present on all future reviews and will be retrofitted to some of our past reviews to provide better insight.

We hope you’ll continue reading and enjoy our reviews. Robots, ho!