The Seagate Game Drive “The Last Of Us II” Limited Edition is a must buy for all fans

If you’re at all into gaming then you can’t fail to have noticed the buzz around The Last of Us Part II – perhaps the defining video game of this current generation of consoles. If you owned the game’s themed limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro console, then you’ll also want a themed game drive like this Seagate Game Drive Limited Edition (The Last of Us II) that we’ve covered here.

It works just like a normal external drive, despite the prominent game design (Really, it looks excellent when paired with the PlayStation 4 Pro) and if you’re already familiar with the Seagate Game Drive then you’re already in a familiar land. Anyway, the name of the game is printed in large lettering on the top of the drive, together with a laser-etched copy of protagonist Ellie’s tattoo – the branding here is not subtle, and the good thing here is you’re not going to be able to pass this off as a generic game drive when friends call round.

Besides the design of this limited edition drive, the big selling point here is the 2TB of storage space it gives you, which will be comfortably more than (and quite possibly double) the amount of space that came with your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro. That’s going to fit, as an estimate, anywhere between 40 to 50 digital games.

The Seagate Game Drive is essentially a hard case that houses a conventional mechanical hard disk and is not a solid-state drive. So, while it will afford you a larger capacity to store more games, it’s not going to improve your gaming experience by way of quicker loading times, or even faster game downloads and installations.

Speaking of installation, setting up the Game Drive is a breeze. Plug it into a spare port on your PlayStation 4 console, and you will get a prompt to format it. Follow the instructions and very quickly your Game Drive will be ready for use. The shorter USB cable means cable clutter is not unsightly and actually works; since this Game Drive really looks an extension of the console when placed next or on top of it.

Obviously with the standard Game Drive from Seagate available for less cash, this is only going to appeal to gamers who love the game by Naughty Dog. Especially if you already own the The Last of Us II themed PlayStation 4 Pro. But for our money’s worth, you really can’t go wrong with this upgrade for your PlayStation 4 console – TLOU2 themed or not.

Dominic Chua

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