Review: SteelSeries Flux and SteelSeries Flux PRO

My ears were treated to two SteelSeries Flux earbuds. Let’s see how these two stand up against each other.

SteelSeries Flux and SteelSeries Flux Pro are two casual-looking in-ear headsets like the ones you see around with the flat cable that never tangles. But being a manufacturer of gaming peripherals, these headsets were also made to perform in gaming environments.

Both headsets are of the in-ear type and come with silicon ear buds in three sizes. Both are iOS-ready with an in-built mic, although only the PRO earbuds has a swappable jack for use with Mic-In and Audio-Out inputs, convenient for PCs.

The cable is sturdy, but while the flat cable does prevent tangling, this is only true for the area that is flat. The section that leads up to the earbuds are still the regular separate cables that are still susceptible to coiling up.

The Steelseries Flux does a better job at giving the listener more bass to handle. Both offer clarity in audio be it from MP3 tracks, AAC tracks or the stuff you cannot control, like in gaming. Ramping it up, I put both to the test by trying them on over a Blu-ray of Disney’s most recent computer-animated feature, Wreck-it Ralph. Through playback of such high-quality audio, I could tell that the Flux Pro covered more range in sound, despite a little sacrifice on bass.

I tested these through a double jack adapter for a 4-hour session of Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel. The Regular Flux are just in-ears with its silicon buds, which usually drive me crazy over its general uncomfortable fitting, but the Flux Pro offers putting it on over-the-ear along with its Comply memory foam earbuds.

Having used earplugs made of a very similar material, I was confident, and right to guess that these cut off more external sound without the earbuds fighting back against the auditory canal too much, which didn’t bother me much during the gameplay session.

The SteelSeries Flux and Flux Pro earbuds both offer their own range of rich sound, but those who prefer a stronger bass output to go with their music may prefer the more affordable S$89 regular Flux earbuds. But if you’re looking for something much more comfortable, and gaming PC compatible, the SteelSeries Flux in-ear Pro retails for S$229.