Review: 2Fuse (iOS)

2Fuse is a delightful action game where you must match tiles to each other in order to build up the highest scoring combos. Created by local indie devs Mojoforest, this exciting, fast-paced game has a very original premise, and is definitely one of the better games we’ve seen coming out of Singapore.

2Fuse has you matching the tiles with the same colour and number to each other. Two ‘1’ tiles put together give you a ‘2’ tile, and two ‘2’ tiles give you a Star tile. Matching two Star tiles together is the culmination of the combo. Each tile matchup clears one of the two tiles involved to make way for a new tile.

Each tap in-game is accompanied by a little noise that rises in pitch as your movements get more frenetic. That was probably the best part of 2Fuse for me – the audio made the game. Upon the game’s end, you’re also treated to the sound of glass breaking. That was a little odd, but surprisingly not out of place.

2Fuse is a simple game, but I liked that the gameplay was smooth and very polished. There were no odd moments to jar your experience, and while the shop did boast a freemium add-on, the other items that could add to your gameplay, such as a 10-second freeze frame or a bonus of extra stars – were available for purchase with volts – the in-game currency.

2Fuse is available for free on the App Store. Enjoy it! I’ve put in several hours since playtesting this, and doesn’t look like I’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Graphics 8.0
Sleek and joyful to behold! I really liked how minimalist the design of 2Fuse was. The colours added a nice pop to it, too.
Sound 10.0
I play this game mostly for the sound. That says a lot about it 🙂
Gameplay 10.0
Easy to pick up, and addictive, with goals and items never too far out of reach. It’s great practice for people with poor reaction time or hand-eye coordination skill! All in all, the epitome of what a mobile game should be.
Lasting Appeal 9.0
I will play this till I beat my high score, which will take many, many, many replays. According to the Mojoforest website, their high score tips the scales at 300k…
How the RGB Scoresheet works

2Fuse is developed and published by Mojoforest, a local indie games developer. It is available for free on the App Store, for the iOS. Check back soon for our indie spotlight on the devs themselves!