Razer Gigantus Mouse Mat Black Edition Review

My desk is well-populated, which makes the Gigantus a terrible choice for me. I like going low sensitivity in shooters, and it makes total sense to have a huge mat for the inevitable mad swiping that comes with it, but it doesn’t quite fit my setup right – I have to shift the keyboard further to my left, move my monitor and desktop speakers back.

Not having the luxury of ample desk space makes it odd to situate, so I ended up tucking part of the mat under the speakers and keyboard, and flapping it over the foot of my monitor. If you’re already used to a wider spread of arms, it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s actually not that bad during gaming, but when I’m knuckling down on some work, I don’t like having to lean left or reposition myself too much. Chalk it up to laziness, but it just feels like an extra step.

If you do have a spacious tabletop, and don’t mind if things are just a bit further away from you, the Gigantus is great. It’s well-made; dense foam and fabric helps create a surface that feels solid and cushioned enough to keep wrist bone calluses at bay, but not squishy to the point where mouse sensors go wild. All that helps to mask any unevenness your table might have, like pesky bubbles or wood grain. Its considerable heft and rubber base do a great job of ensuring that it won’t budge no matter where you place it.

Apparently it offers both speed and control, but it definitely leans closer to the Speed mats from the Goliathus range, even though it isn’t as grippy. It provides a good middle point between that and the slip-slide textured Control mats, allowing your mouse to travel comfortably during large swipes.

The interlocking stitch all around the edge of the mat helps the rubber stay fray-free, but it’s not entirely immune to pilling. If you’re more used to mousing close to the table’s edge, you’ll find that the friction from your wrist will loosen up some fibres and generate a bit of fuzz. Not a dealbreaker at all, but it appears fairly quickly, and if you’re a neat freak with little tolerance for imperfections, it could be slightly irritating.

If you have the real estate to accommodate it’s exceptionally large footprint, by all means, the Razer Gigantus is as effective as it is huge. I’m not exactly sure if the size and shape of it really gives you that much more of an edge compared to the Goliathus Large or Extended, but having options are always nice. It’s up to you to decide whether you believe the spiel about it specifically catering to low sensitivity gaming.

Pearlyn Hoon

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