Review – LocoRoco Remastered (PS4) Rolling Its Way With Happiness

Originally released on Sony’s long-deceased PlayStation Portable in 2006, LocoRoco finally deserved the remaster it deserves 11 years later. LocoRoco Remastered certainly brought back the wonderful memories I had when I first played it on the PSP.

For those not in the know, LocoRoco is a 2D platformer-puzzle game where players take control of the world and tilt either left or right to guide the LocoRoco to their end goal at each stage. While the blob happily rolls their way through the environment, players will face different set of challenges – but are quite simple to overcome. The joyous and cheerful nature of the game is enough to be appreciated by even younger players in the family.

Controls in-game are easy to grasp, pressing the L1 button will tilt the world to the left and R1 will do the opposite. Additionally, taking advantage of the tilt controls of the DualShock 4 felt like the best way to play LocoRoco Remastered, something which the PSP could not do. Pressing the circle button will also divide the huge blob into smaller ones, if the environment calls for it.

The story in LocoRoco is straightforward; hostile aliens have arrived and invaded their peaceful planet. LocoRoco must now defend their home with the help of their friends, the Muimui. The game is split into five different worlds with eight levels each – and each world having its own wondrous themes and colours. Further progressing into the game will unlock different colours of LocoRoco, although these have no bearings to the game nor do they provide any special characteristics different from the original yellow. They do have a set of different songs, though.

LocoRoco Remastered consist a total of 40 levels and each level can be completed within five minutes (easily) if you decide to aim straight for the end goal. Unless you are a completionist, you will not find much challenge or longevity with the game. But if you do invest time in exploring the game, you will find secret areas otherwise unseen and which adds a little more game content.

Visually, the remastered version made the game look even more stunning than before. Furthermore, throughout various sessions, the game performed solidly without any noticeable frame rate issues. I can not marvel enough of the colourful environments, especially in 4K – yes, the game supports 4K for PS4 Pro owners.

The true gem, however, would be the in-game music. Both cheerful and charming, the LocoRoco will sing as they travel each stage. They really make some good and interesting therapy sessions for me, seriously. Like I mentioned previously, other colours of the LocoRoco can be unlocked and each colour comes with its own unique song. I have now been caught more than once humming to the yellow LocoRoco’s song even when not playing. Who would have thought that an 11-year old song could be so addictive once more.

LocoRoco Remastered (PS4)









  • Charming visuals for players of all ages
  • Addictive soundtrack
  • Simple game with minimal challenge
  • Solid performance with no frame rate issues


  • Short game duration if played normally
  • Gets repetitive near the end


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