How creative can you be in For Honor?

Whenever I take a break from the battlefield in For Honor, I will compare, upgrade or dismantle the unlocked apparels and items so that my characters’ (Samurai clan btw) armour and weapons are upgraded. Switching them around will also cause a change in their outlook.  With a combination of unlocked designs, engraving, ornaments, colour themes and more, it’s easy to get distracted. I spent a considerable amount of time customising my characters in this game, as I had done with many other games in the past, so I know how it feels.

Alas, there is another feature in For Honor that has been keeping me occupied in the last few days. Emblems are logos that represent your characters in the online battlefield. They appear on your online profile as well as on the outfits.

Some of these logo pieces are unlocked based on the games you played that was connected to your online profile. Others are earned from completing specific objectives while playing the game.

It’s easy to say, choose an Assassin’s Creed logo and apply that as your emblem. However, some of us chose to get creative and start mixing these logo pieces to create something new. Apart from changing their colours, you can also resize, rotate, flip, and align their location on an x and y axis range, all within a confined shape. Not all factions unlock the same shape – it seems playing as Knights will unlock crest-shaped outlines, round ones for Vikings and rectangles for Samurais.

The following are screenshots of those that I had personally put together, based on inspiration from the online community.

You may see most of these creations as shoddy and imperfect. This is because players are only allowed to choose one background shape, five symbols and one outline. That is about six shapes to tweak within a certain border design. I think it’s very challenging to recreate some of the real-life logos out there, but on the other hand, it forces the user to get creative and improvise. Some of them are very good and clever.

Ubisoft has made this feature even more addictive by providing an online emblem editor. You can access it by typing: on your browser. Login to Ubisoft account is required.

This is also accessible on mobile devices. In the last couple of days, I have been looking through the unlocked shapes on my mobile phone while commuting to draw some inspiration. I recommend using a larger mobile device such as tablets so that you can tweak-test your idea on a wider screen. As of now, there are a couple of shapes that have not been unlocked and I’m sure I will create new emblems in future.

Got any ideas for a design? Share it with us below.

Mohd Nizam

Neezum has been exposed to many videogames since the '90s. Nowadays, he tries to juggle his passion amidst other commitments with a wife who doesn't share the same hobby.