App Assessment: Playing It Sneaky with Robbery Bob

You get thrown into jail for stealing, and a guy busts you out. What do you do? Steal for him, of course.

Robbery Bob is a comical stealth title by Chillingo and Level Eight. You play poor unfortunate Bob, who seems to can’t catch a break in his life as a burglar, always working for someone else. Said work is to rob houses, businesses and secret laboratories blind over three worlds of game.

You control Bob through the on-screen joystick and have him sprint through a touch of a context button. The point of the game is being stealthy, so sprinting is gonna cause a lot of commotion and increase your likelihood of being detected by guards or civilians. The main objective is to clear the level of items up for grabs that sparkle on the map without being spotted. Getting the Undetected, Completion Time and Loot Stolen awards are what the game is all about.

The game is great for short bursts of adrenaline-pumped action as you frantically skim through the hallway before you are spotted. Game mechanics are kept fresh with the use of sweeping surveillance cameras and flickering lasers in the later levels that may drive you to break protocol by sprinting and crashing into doors. Guards walk in their predetermined routes, unless distracted by open doors or unfamiliar sounds, which can make for great luring strategies if you plan your route right.

Final Assessment: GET IT
The game is good for a couple hours of stealth action, even if it isn’t serious stuff like Deus Ex or Metal Gear. And with a current price tag of free, the game shouldn’t stop you.

Robbery Bob by Chillingo Ltd [iTunes App Store]

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