App Assessment: Marbles Is Hungry!

What do you do with a hungry cat? You feed it, of course!

Marbles Is Hungry! is a cute little arcade game for iOS and Android smartphones/tablets where you have to swipe stacks of boxes away so adorabubble Marbles the cat can eat her food! The game consists of just two buttons (swipe and eat), exactly the way a cat would like it.

There are three modes in total to this addictive game: Normal, Boss, and Kitty. Normal mode sees you dealing with 30 bowls of food stacked to varying levels. Boss mode has an incredibly amount of cardboard stacks for you to swipe away. It screams carpal tunnel, even though the bowls of food are limited to just ten. Kitty mode tests your reflexes more than your speed: there are 60 bowls in total to clear. You are timed on how long you take to complete each level, and your score is recorded on a locally-stored leaderboard.

Marbles Is Hungry, abbreviated to ‘Hungry!’ in its icon on your homescreen, is short enough to be played in between waiting for the bus, yet substantial enough to keep you aiming for better and better timings. The inclusion of two additional modes keeps gameplay fresh enough that you’ll want to whip it out whenever you have a spot of empty time to fill. Plus, it helps that the cat in question is incredibly cute.

Marbles also meows if you tap her on the title screen! Try it!

Final Assessment: GET IT

The game is great anywhere, at any time, and who gets sick of cats anyway? It’s available for both iOS and Android platforms, and has a free and paid (no ads) version.

Marbles Is Hungry! by timespacemagic [iTunes App Store]

Marbles Is Hungry! by timespacemagic [Google Play]

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