App Assessment: Just Another Day With The Airport Scanner

Did you know that the airport security in American airports confiscates fours guns a day? That’s probably not as crazy as this game gets.

Airport Scanner by Kedlin Company is an over-the-top take on the kind of people and things that goes through airport security. Players take charge of the X-Ray scanner at the airport, expediting luggage and must stop whatever illegal items that comes your way.

These won’t range from simple guns and knives. The stuff you’ll see all come from the American TSA’s list of prohibited items, which is a completely extensive list that gets updated in your game as you progress, making each and every day harder and harder.

But that isn’t your only objective. It’s your job to ensure all the passengers in the queue get on their plane on time because missing a flight ends the game. Just like in real life, stopping passengers for a search down without any prohibited items in their bags will make you lose precious time.

Watch for first-class passengers and flight crew in the queue for extra bonuses when you move them ahead of the queue, the latter of which is more important as delayed flight crew will also you cost you time loss.

The later levels will feature different colour coded passengers who can have up to three illegal items in their bags, or have bags that cannot be X-Rayed by your scanner by default. And that where power-ups for your scanner come in. Boost your X-Ray’s power with the Super X-Ray upgrade, that highlights prohibited items for a short amount of time and adds the ability to see through such impenetrable bags.

Perhaps the most comical aspect of the game is the bonus minigame at the end of each successful day where you can slap fines on offenders for extra cash to spend on upgrades. Beat all the game’s main 15 levels and you’ll be given Elite Status, with access to all three airports at anytime and two new purchasable airports just recently added to the mix.

Final Assessment: GET IT
The game lasts as long as you’ll want to be distracted by looking through each bag for dangerous items along with a chirpy soundtrack. The game has been updated with more unlock able content and is currently free at time of writing, from the usual cost of 99 cents.

Airport Scanner by Kedlin Company [iTunes App Store]

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