HP's Ultralife Cocktail

We were invited to a really neat press event by HP, where they revealed new Ultrabook and Sleekbook systems. We’ll be doing up a review on the new HP Envy-4 range in a bit, but in the meantime…

What we really liked was the fact that HP had gotten the venue hosts, Bar Stories, to mix up a cocktail inspired by the Ultrabook range of notebooks! (Ok, I can’t drink, but every other journos there seemed to be loving it)

Here’s the recipe, given to us by Bar Stories’ helpful bartender, David, for you to try 🙂 It’s slightly tweaked from the recipe we got in the press kit.

1.5 oz of Gin

1 oz Kyoho grape liquer (this is from the Suntory brand)

9 grapes (the dark skinned type)

0.75 oz lemon juice

0.75 oz sugar syrup

1. Muddle grapes in a silver tin (that means mash them up)

2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and half a cup of crushed ice, stirring gently with a scooping motion.

3. Top up the mixture with soda water

4. Garnish with sliced grapes