GameStart Asia 2014: Game On! Cosplay Competition

On 26 October 2014, GameStart saw 14 cosplayers in a solo competition, showcasing not just their costumes, but their performing talent as well. From a dancing Deadpool to a Singaporean Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST), the cosplayers managed to wow the three judges:Yasemin Arslan (aka Vera-Chimera Cosplay) from Australia, Yuegene from Thailand, and Singapore’s very own Tessie.

Here are some of the more notable cosplayers:

  • Yuna and Lenne – Final Fantasy 10
    Complete with song and dance, the full cut scene from the introduction of Final Fantasy 10 was performed.
  • Grand Magus (Rubik) – Dota 2
    Awarded with Best Newcomer, the Grand Magus had wonderful LED lights that awed the audience and judges alike.
  • Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) – Halo
    This ODST made the audience erupt with laughter, giving Halo a Singaporean touch. A completely Singaporean ODST, with Singlish included.
  • Deadpool
    Awarded with Best Performance, Deadpool was yet another comedic act that left everybody clutching their stomachs in pain.
  • Dragon Knight – Dota 2
    With an elaborate costume, Dragon Knight walked away with the rightfully deserved title of Best Craftsmanship.

    Dragon Knight readying himself

    Dragon Knight readying himself

The competition proved that cosplay is not just a simple hobby – it is a performing art on its own, pulling together singing, dancing, props, and even comedy.

While there were only 14 participants of the competition, many others were there in costume, purely for their love of cosplaying. Although they weren’t competing, their costumes were still astounding, boasting diligence and dedication.




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