Eat Snakes and Lightning: Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Lunch Box

Yesterday notable games designer Hideo Kojima visited Sony Computer Entertainment HQ to celebrate the 25th Anniversaries of Metal Gear and Final Fantasy (1987 was an amazing year). He received an “Ultimate Lunch Box” in the process and the photos he took will prove just why it’s called that.



mg25anniversary-bentou-06   mg25anniversary-bentou-10 mg25anniversary-bentou-11

If you’re curious about its creation, Kojima says (courtesy of his English translated account) that the faces are made from mashed potato, bandannas are seaweed, hair and beard is green onions and the eyes quail eggs. He left out the part on patience and skill but that goes without saying. I wonder if Raiden’s portion is a great source for electrolytes?

Don’t dismiss the box either! AnimeNewsNetwork reports that that the part-hand crafted, part-laser manufactured bento are made of cedar and have an accuracy down to 0.1-millimeters compared to the actual PlayStation 3 units. To top it off, it’s been given a traditional lacquering process for a “high-quality finish on the interior and exterior surfaces.” Oh, the logo on the lid is made of silver leaf too.


I hope I’ve piqued the interests of the culinary-inclined among you because here are some great places to blend the wonderful world of dining and video games together. Not to hint that you should make these for a Christmas or year-end party or anything. (Click on the names to visit!)

  • Anna The Red’s Bento Gallery
    There’s a mix of styles featuring video games, movies and animals in general. Each image is linked to a post that comes with a set of instructions. Highlights include Studio Ghibli characters and Meta Knight from Kirby.
  • Gourmet Gaming
    Aims to recreate the edible items you find in games; else, they’re all inspired from them, some obviously so. The end-products are all very professional and these can be sweets, drinks, pastries and even burgers. Includes a handy difficulty meter for quick gauging.
  •  The Drunken Moogle
    Obviously for those of legal age, this blog covers “geek culture and booze”. You’ll see cocktails inspired by video games, TV series and movies here. They’ve also got some glassware for sale and a bunch of drinking games listed.
  • Feast of Fiction!
    A video series hosted by Jimmy Wong (yes, freddiew‘s brother) and Ashley Adams, they’ve featured products such as Adventure Time‘s Everything Burrito, a Brain-shaped cake for The Walking Dead, Fallout 3‘s Nuka-Cola and Bonk! from Team Fortress 2.
  • Nerdy Nummies — Geeky Cooking Show
    Join Ro as she shows you how some cakes, cookies and various edible food are made in this YouTube series. Be warned though: There’s lots of frosting.

If Japan has their gaming cafes and the UK has their Loading cafe and bar, then Singapore should get one too, don’t you think? While everyone considers it, I’ll just leave this amazing Alduin cake from Skyrim here. Remember this?

(From Baking Obsession)

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