Zynga, Glu rips off tower management game Tiny Tower

Everyone wants a slice of the App Store pie. Even Glu and Zynga. So it wouldn’t be crazy if someone would take an idea off someone else’s app and adapt it on their own tower management app, would it?

Developed by 3-man-team Nimblebit, Tiny Tower, as I’m sure most iOS users would know, is a highly successful tower management game where its ultimate goal is to build a never-ending tower made out of residential and commercial outlets bent on piercing the skies. Its popularity made Apple call it their iPhone Game of the Year in 2011.

Fast forward to today and we suddenly have two more games that are strikingly similar to Nimblebit’s App Store offering in terms of objectives. Zynga’s “Dream Heights” takes tower-building out of pixelated graphics and into graphics of more modern tastes, but does little else to differentiate itself from Tiny Tower. Glu Mobile’s “Small Street” is a slightly different take in that it tips the tower on its side and offers the management of shops on a street.

Clones are part of life on the App Store when there’s money to be had, but in my opinion, it is saddening to see apps with a blatant lack of originality. Both games are currently only being marketed on the Canadian App Store.