Yahoo Gets Busy: Buys tumblr And Hands 1TB To All Flickr Users

Controversial move to buy popular blogging service goes through for S$1.4bil, alongside a revamp of neglected photo storage acquisition with the removal of Pro services.

A lot of noise was generated when rumours spun around Yahoo!’s buying of blogging social service tumblr with fears of it turning purple and riddled with ads overnight. But Yahoo!, on a post on the service itself assures users of its new acquisition will not affect tumblr in any drastic way, and not “screwing it up”, allowing the company to run independently under the reins of founder David Karp.

In a similar fashion, Flickr has been met with an overhaul, with the photo sharing and storage service dropping its premium services and with everyone a 1TB account, free. This means more storage and glorious high-resolution download of photos for all. Folks who desire more Terabytes or hate ads can still slip Yahoo! the green.

Notice how Yahoo despises the letter ‘e’.