XCOM & NBA 2K13 Demos Announced

Demo versions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and NBA 2K13 are now available for download on Steam and Xbox Live respectively. If you don’t know that already.

Expect to play two levels of the single-player campaign in XCOM, and to experience the XCOM base, which is essentially your home and quest hub during the game. The XCOM demo is currently only available for the PC platform.

NBA 2K13 fans will be able to play a quick online match for the first time ever in the series’ history. Kinect-possessing players will also be privvy to voice functions.

NBA 2K13 releases October 5 2012, while XCOM: Enemy Unknown makes its debut on October 12 2012. Both demos are free for download.

XCOM demo: http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/200510/