X-mini releasing a new line of wired and wireless earbuds in Oct 2018

X-mini Liberty

Local brand X-mini are charging into the personal audio space with a new line of wired and wireless earphones. With a recent board shuffle behind them, the company is sticking by its mantra of providing high quality audio to the masses.

The eight new products are categorized as either XOUNDBUDS or XOUNDPODS, ranging between $17.90 to $129.90 in price. All of them come equipped with built-in microphones, though you’ll get different driver configurations and features depending on the series.

X-mini Oct 2018

The quick and dirty of it is that the wired NOVA are your entry-level products, while the wireless RAYs are built for sports — the latter packs its batteries within the earbuds themselves to keep the weight evenly distributed, while magnetic backs double as an on-off switch.

Correction (28 Sep 2018, 2:15PM):
The RAY’s feature magnetic earbuds that double as an on-off switch, while the RAY+ keeps its batteries within the earbuds to keep the weight evenly distributed.

Original story follows.

The wired XYRIUS and XTLAS models support high-resolution audio should the rest of your gear support it (the entire chain has to support hi-res, beginning with the music files themselves). The latter sports hybrid dual drivers — a balanced armature with an 8.6mm dynamic driver — while the other keeps things simple with a 5mm dynamic driver.

Some of these lines have a model designated with a “+” to indicate an enhanced bass signature.

The only model currently listed under XOUNDPOD is the LIBERTY (pictured above), a true wireless solution that, like its peers, comes with own charging case. It’s a slide-out drawer instead of a flip-top, providing up to 14 hours of total playback time depending on volume and your music’s genre. Notably, it’s billed with an attractive $69.90 price tag.

And for those still wondering, you pronounce them regularly: XTLAS as “Atlas”.

X-mini will launch these models in Oct 2018, available through online and local retailers.

As for the board shuffle, company co-founder Ryan Lee has stepped down as CEO to serve as the company’s chief technology officer. Replacing him is Hoong He Hin, while Keith Wong is now chief operations officer.


The X-mini XYRIUS ($39.90) is Hi-Res Audio certified.

A brief hands-on with the products showed that the XYRIUS and XTLAS to be capable, though at that price range it does compete with rising and popular Chinese brands. It’s also worth pointing out that despite being in-ears, their isolation proved wanting compared to most IEMs (swapping out the silicone tips for a better fit may help). Also notable is how the $129.90 XTLAS+ doesn’t have a detachable cable either, so you might want to be careful with that cord.

The LIBERTY faced some syncing issues at the start, though may be due to the high amount of Bluetooth interference in the small room. Otherwise, it’s a light and good sounding piece of true wireless pods, if a little thick compared to the Jabra or Sony offerings.

X-mini doesn’t have an app to tweak or customize settings at this time, but they are actively looking into developing one for both their personal and portable audio products.

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