World of Warships to get premium ships from anime High School Fleet

At the Wargaming League Season 2 Finals 2017 event in Taipei today, Wargaming announced new details on its World of Warship tie-in with the naval warfare-themed anime High School Fleet.

As with previous collaborations with the anime Arppegio of Blue Steel, this will come in the form of premium in-game units that can only be purchased. They include the High School Fleet destroyer Harekaze and the cruiser Graf Spee. The DLC will also feature the original voice casts of characters Akeno Misaki and Moeka China.

Source: World of Warships forum

If you are a fan of the anime and the game, watch out for the DLC coming to World of Warships later this year, which is timed with the release of the anime’s Blu-ray launch.

More information and images can be found at the official World of Warship’s website.

Aaron Yip

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