World of Tanks Patched For Your Greater Glory

World of Tanks’ latest patch has just gone live, bringing to you new Soviet heavy tanks, new French premiums, and two new maps!

The Soviet tank tech tree has been restructured so that it’s now crowned by the IS-4 and IS-7 tanks. Current owners of the IS-4 will receive an IS-8 tank while getting to keep the IS-4, and owners of the old KV will get a KV1 and KV2, but lose their old KV. KV3 owners, on the other hand, will get a T150 and get to keep their KV3 as well.

Formidable tier 3 tank destroyer – the FCM 36 Pak 40 – has been added to the game under French premiums. It is the first premium tank destroyer to be added to the game, and boasts above-average characteristics. The tier 4 SPG 10.5 N m leFH18 B2 also makes its debut in this patch.

Finally, say hello to two new maps: Dragon’s Ridge and South Coast. Dragon’s Ridge is the first Asian-themed map in the game, while the South Coast is a resort-themed map with many buildings.

Try all the changes out for yourself in the freemium MMORPG, World of Tanks! Further patch notes can be accessed here.