World of Tanks Blitz Android Launched

Wargaming’s Android version of World of Tanks Blitz is now live worldwide, bringing the free-to-play mobile action MMO to millions of Android owners. The version has also been updated alongside the iOS version with a host of new content, including the British tank line, crew skills, new map and cross platform functionality.

“We are thrilled to release World of Tanks Blitz to Android users and continue to deliver AAA MMOs in the competitive mobile space,” said Roman Bui, Product Manager for Mobile/Browser at Wargaming. “Since the initial launch on iOS, we have worked to build the Android version based on player feedback and we are extremely happy to provide cross platform play between Android and iOS users.”
WoTBlitzIn addition to the release, iOS and Android versions of World of Tanks Blitz have received a significant content update, 1.5. British Steel, which brings the British tank line including 10 medium tanks to the fight, the Winter Malinovka map, and newly introduced crew skills.

Since the iOS release in June 2014, World of Tanks Blitz has amassed over 10 million installs worldwide and has seen an average daily use of 60 minutes per user with 20 minute session length. Over the past 6 months, World of Tanks Blitz has received an average score of 4.5 on the App Store and has climbed the ranks in dozens of countries as the top apps on iPad and iPhone – it stayed at the top of the Singapore App Store for a couple of weeks too. Very impressive numbers for a F2P mobile game.
RomanAt the launch of the World of Tanks Blitz Android version in Bangkok, we had a quick chat with Roman Bui to find out the 5 things you need to know about the game.

1. No differences between the iOS and Android version.
Both the iOS and Android versions of World of Tank Blitz are one and the same, and offer the same gameplay.

2. Cross platform play between iOS and Android players.
As mentioned by Roman above, Blitz is one of the rare mobile games that allow cross platform play between two different operating systems. So should you choose to upgrade to an iPhone 6 from say, a Sony Xperia X3 Android phone, your in-game progress will still be intact as long as you maintain your account.

3. Support for mobile game controllers
While the game’s virtual on-screen controls are excellent and intuitive as it is, Blitz will support a wide range of controllers in the market including the Logitech PowerShell Controller+Battery and SteelSeries Stratus. Interestingly, Roman also mentioned that these controllers might give players an unfair advantage, simply because it is easier to control your tanks. Which also brings us to the next point…

4. World of Tanks Blitz Tournaments
Tournaments will happen. It’s just a matter of when. When the Blitz team feels the game is ready. Also, controllers will (very likely) be disallowed. For the same reason stated above.

5. Minimum hardware specifications for Android devices.
As a rule of thumb, Blitz is playable on Android devices that are no more than three years old. But you can also refer to this comprehensive list of supported Android devices.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to port World of Tanks Blitz for Windows smartphones. This is a purely economical reason, as the install base for Windows mobile is very small and doesn’t justify the resources and time for the team.

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