World Cyber Games Inc Confirm Two Official Games For 2012 Event

There used to be a time where the World Cyber Games were the mecca of gaming. Gamers from all over the world, competitive or not, aspired to be there. It was as prestigious as BlizzCon and E3 used to be. As a kid, I wanted to be there.

Fast forward to today, and World Cyber Games, Inc., have confirmed just two official titles for this year’s WCG. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

This year, we’ll see Cross Fire from NEOWIZ GAMES and Fifa ’12 from EA being played out for as much honour and glory as two games can muster.

On the sidelines, there will be competitive matches for Counter-Strike Online and World of Tanks.

That’s it. Four wonderful competitive games. Are you hyped up about this year’s World Cyber Games? Or like me, start giving up on caring about the event completely?