Wings of Liberty going for just US$20 [Updated: Only boxsets available!]

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is going for half off, at US$20, in anticipating of the Heart of the Swarm launch. If you’ve always wanted to get your mitts on StarCraft II but found the initial pricing of WoL off-putting, now’s your chance.

Grab that US$20 digital copy of the game and profit! Unfortunately while the offer is a great deal, it only applies to box sets. Shipping the box set into the Southeast Asia region racks the price up almost to its original SRP. If you have a friend in the US who can type the game key out for you, shipping it to him or her might not be a bad idea!

Regardless, don’t forget to place an order for Heart of the Swarm.

You can get Wings of Liberty off the Blizzard storeHeart of the Swarm can be preordered from these Singapore and Malaysia Asiasoft-authorised retailers (you’ll collect these preorders from the Alienware Arena launch party), from Qisahn (digital delivery, store pickup, courier/mail), or from Heart of the Swarm launch party itself.