White PS Vita coming to Japan, Hatsune Miku coming along

Sony has announced a new colour option for the PS Vita to be released in Japan. The new Crystal White PS Vita, while not a surprising colour option on its own, has a limited edition variant sure to please the Otaku gamer.

For ¥10,000 more, Hatsune Miku will appear sprawled over the touchpad on the rear of the limited edition device to commemorate the upcoming release of SEGA’s NEXT HATSUNE MIKU: Project DIVA, so you’ll stand out from the crowd in a sea of black and white PS Vita owners. It also comes with a 4GB memory card.

The Crystal White PS Vita will retail in Japan at  ¥24,980 and ¥29,980 for the Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi versions from June 28th, with the limited edition Hatsune Miku PS Vitas arriving August 30th. Release of these colour variants outside of Japan has not been announced. It’s still not purple, though.