Want To Be Part of the Dragon Nest National Team?

Shanda Games will be hosting a Dragon Nest qualifying tournament to select players for its National Team.

Dragon Nest PvP players are expected to compete in teams of three, and the top three teams from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines will be enlisted into the main Dragon Nest national team.

The tournament will see a total of 96 teams, and will take part in a double elim format. Registration is free, but participating members must be Singapore, Malaysia or Philippines citizens or Permanent Residents. Matches will take place online, and team leaders are expected to facilitate each game with their opponents in the expected time slot given to them.

Oh, and the Academic class, previously banned from competition, is allowed in the National Qualifier. Based on the comments in the rules thread, however, we don’t think Academics have been nerfed yet, and they could probably deal some really imbalanced damage.

Registration commences on 15th June and closes on 20th June 2012. Read the full tournament rules here.