Valve To Let Players Greenlight Their Own Games

Valve will be allowing users to vote for the indie games they’d like to see released on Steam.

The initiative, known as Steam Greenlight, will rely on the community to pick and choose the games they’d like to see released on the platform. According to the announcement made on, Greenlight seems to work in a way similar to Kickstarter.

Developers are to post information, screenshots and videos of their game; once they get critical mass of community support, their game is selected for distribution.

“The community should be deciding what gets released,” said the post. “After all, it’s the community that will ultimately be the ones deciding which release they spend their money on.”

The only requisite for posting a game on Greenlight is to have a Steam account with at least one game purchased/registered on it. And that’s barely a requirement, considering that account creation is free, and how Steam games don’t necessarily cost you an arm or leg.

Steam Greenlight is set to launch at the end of August.