The Division open beta happening this weekend, features new content

An open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division will run from 19 to 21 February 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One owners getting their boots in a day early.

Ubisoft announced it will have a story mission that wasn’t featured in the closed beta, as well a special in-game reward available at launch – got to get that loot before looting officially begins, after all. The wait isn’t that long, though, as the The Division is set to launch on 8 March, just three weeks from now.

Developed by Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online squad-based shooter, similar to Destiny in that you can meet other players, but far more tense as bullets can turn friendlies into hostiles in a matter of seconds. If there’s precious loot involved, there’s every chance those shots are coming from one of your now-former squad mates too.

In keeping with the late Tom Clancy’s fictional approach, the story presents a scenario in which New York City has been ravaged by a pandemic, leaving survivors to try and pick up the pieces. Players take on the role of sleeper agents from The Division, an independent unit now tasked with safeguarding society and investigating the source of the virus.

Preloading for Tom Clancy’s The Division open beta begins on 17 February.

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Ade Putra

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