Three More Games for Humble Indie Bundle V

The Humble Indie Bundle V has just added three new games to its already awesome repertoire.

Braid, Super Meat Boy and Lone Survivor are available to gamers who have already purchased the bundle. For those who haven’t made the leap, you can get them by simply paying a wee bit more for the Bundle. The average currently stands at US$8.07.

Not sure if you should spring for these extra three games?

Braid is a puzzle platformer that has you manipulating time flow, while Super Meat Boy, also a platformer, sees you navigating levels a la Megaman to rescue your girlfriend, Bandage Girl. While both Braid and Super Meat Boy come highly praised, we think Lone Survivor is the best bang for your buck.

It’s a psychological survival adventure where the protagonist has made it through a world-changing disaster and has to deal with not just other survivors and mutant creatures, but also his own demons.

Check out the Humble Indie Bundle V here. The offer ends in a week, so move fast if you want the games!