This 20th Anniversary Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Is Only SGD689

[Update: Here’s how you can score a chance to be eligible to buy one]

Sony’s celebrating twenty years of PlayStation with a limited edition PlayStation 4, dressed in the same colour scheme as its great-grandfather. For a product limited to only 12,300 units worldwide – reflecting the 3 December launch date – we certainly were expecting a higher price point than S$689.

However, you have to be lucky to be even eligible to purchase one. Sony has a “special arrangement for customers in Southeast Asia to get this limited console,” to be announced at an Anime Festival Asia 2014 press conference later today. PlayStation Asia will be livestreaming the event on Twitch so be sure to tune in by 2:40PM SGT.

The product comes with everything pictured below, including the woefully-underused PlayStation Camera, as well as a vertical stand and mono headset, all in “Original Gray”. It’ll come in a pretty stylish box too, befitting its limited status.PS4_20_acc

PS4_20_pkg_04 PS4_20_pkg_09

Not forgetting this little plate of pride on the lower-right corner:


You can even put it side-by-side with the first console for more internet points, provided yours hasn’t discoloured by now.


Does make you wonder how it’ll fit in with modern home entertainment décor, though.

For our international readers, the recommended retail prices are IDR7,399,000 (Indonesia), RM1,779 (Malaysia), PHP26,999 (The Philippines), and THB20,990 (Thailand).

Sony will also have a booth at Anime Festival Asia 2014, held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Hall this weekend.

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