The Sims 4 Island Living expansion offers sandy beaches, new outfits and… environmentalism?

the sims 4 island living e3 2019

EA is on a roll today, dishing out updates on their games left and right at EA Play. The latest of these is the announcement of The Sims 4’s next big expansion, Island Living.

Island Living is an expansion promoting rest and relaxation. Sims can relax on the paradise island of Sulani, participating in such peaceful activities as swimming, suntanning and, you know, hanging out with mermaids. As one does when they’re on vacation.

New career options will also be made available, including the conservationist and lifeguard roles. Apparently, the more your Sims clean up after themselves and care for the island of Sulani, the more lush and full of life it becomes. So don’t litter!

To enable your Sims to enjoy their island lives to the fullest, EA has enabled Sims to enter into open water, something they couldn’t do before. Sims can now swim, as mentioned earlier, as well as dive and snorkel.

What this means for future expansions is unclear, but certainly exciting. Island Living will arrive on July 16 for consoles, and July 21 for PC this year. The game is also pairing up with the It Gets Better Project to add themed Pride items in-game.

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