The Logitech G600: More Buttons For Your Buck

Have you ever looked at your mouse and wished for more?

This July, Logitech’s introducing the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: the newest addition to its popular G-Series gaming lineup. The 8200 DPI G600 features twenty bindable buttons and can support up to three profiles – two for MMOs and one for general gaming – to suit whatever you’re playing. Great for people who play many games and have the need to keybind everything.

Twelve out of the twenty buttons are specifically designed so that you can access them immediately with your thumb. There’s also a G Shift function that immediately doubles the functionality of these thumb buttons, and that effectively gives you 24 keybinds on the side of your mouse. We’re not sure how many people actually need that many keybinds, though. I personally could only hit a maximum of seven to eight buttons per raid back when I was playing WoW.

The G600 also has fully configurable illumination, with supposedly up to 16 million colour combinations. Want your mouse to pulse with light? Or maybe it should cycle through colours? Click, and it will do your bidding – or so it says.

While we can’t comment further on this mouse, since, you know, it’s not out on the market yet, we do think it’ll be worth shelling out for if you’re a MMO player. Two side buttons just don’t cut it, and while six buttons are ideal, the mouse they’re on doesn’t suit every gamer.

The G600 will be available in Singapore come mid-July, and at S$99, isn’t that pricey compared to other offerings in the market.