The End of EVO 2k12

And it’s a wrap! EVO 2k12 concluded at approximately 2.50pm, Monday, 9th July, Singapore time, to much tears, elation and disappointment.

The world’s largest (and greatest) fighting game tournament was conducted over last weekend at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, US of A. Competitors from all over the world converged on this mecca of fighting games to prove their mettle. And within this pilgrimage was a small contingent from Singapore.

Some fell in battle in the early stages. Some, like DM|Shen Yuan, fought their way to the Top 32 of their game of choice before falling prey to an unlucky hit. Others, like Shen Chan, clawed their way to the Grand Finals.

In the biggest Soul Calibur 5 tournament of the year, Shen Chan met his match in Shining Decopon’s Kira, and faltered.

“It was different from what I expected, sadly,” he told us.

Nonetheless, Shen Chan and the rest of the country’s EVO contingent are no lesser than the team Singapore will send to the Olympics this year. Most of them paid for the opportunity to compete with the fighting game world’s best out of their own pockets; even the losses they encountered will be but stepping stones for a much better, much fiercer appearance next year.

EVO 2k12 has wrapped, with little fanfare – save Jovian’s – for the Singapore contingent.

Here are some of the results for EVO 2k12! We’re only listing the top 3. For full results, you can check SRK out!


Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

1. Infiltration

2. Gamerbee

3. PR Balrog

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1. Filipino CHamp

2. Infrit

3. Chris G

Soul Calibur 5

1. Shining Decopon

2. Shen Chan (SG!)

3. Something-unique

King of Fighters XIII

1. Mad KOF

2. Bala

3. Verna

Street Fighter x Tekken

1. Laugh & Infiltration

2. PR Balrog & Ricky Ortiz

3. Tokido & Fuudo