The Alchemist Code gets Final Fantasy XV stars in next event

The Alchemist Code - FFXV Collaboration 01

Noctis and his crew from Final Fantasy XV are driving the next collaboration over at The Alchemist Code, running from 5 July to 1 August. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the prince as he makes his way to the Global version.

Noctis is a Water unit with an interesting leader skill, which raises the HP of all Water units by a whopping 40% and reduces casting time by 10%. There’s no question that he’d make an amazing leader for any team of Water casters.

As for his jobs, Noctis gets the Prince of Lucis, Magic Swordsman, and Battle Mage options. Prince of Lucis grants him a set of very unique skills. The first is a 3-grid horizontal Slash attack on adjacent enemies; the second is a 6-grid teleport that moves Noctis beside his target for a Slash attack and speed buff; and the third is a limited-range teleport that heals allies adjacent to him. His last skill is a 3-hit Water magic attack with a 4-grid range and a 2×2 diamond-shaped AoE pattern. It’s considered a spell so it has a casting time.

The Alchemist Code - FFXV Collaboration 02


Noctis’ Basic Prince of Lucis comprises of two physical attacks: a single Strike attack with increased Hit on an adjacent target, and a ranged Missile attack that causes the Daze status effect. His other two skills are magic based, one being an AoE Lightning spell that hits in a 4-grid cross shape, while the other is a single-target Fire spell that also causes Slow.

Noctis’ other jobs provide really good passives and basic abilities. What this means is that Noctis can easily be built to do massive magic attacks with his Battle Mage passives, or even using Battle Mage as a main job, or tuned to become very survivable with the Magic Swordsman’s Divine Shelter passive and the Battle Mage’s Shell Charge.

All in all, Noctis is a great unit if you manage to score him in the event. Joining him in the gacha pool are Gladiolus, Ignis, and Aranea, while Prompto can be acquired as a free summon simply for logging in during this period.

The Alchemist Code - FFXV Collaboration 02

Other highlights include a unique quest, event equipment, and transmutation options.

The Alchemist Code is out now for iOS and Android.

Contributed by Neo Wei Song.

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