Thailand Wins DC DiRT Showdown Asian Tournament

26-year-old Kuniasub Wattanaphon from Thailand has won the first ever DC DiRT Showdown Asian Tournament.

John Lim of Singapore came in second and Muhammad Yazid of Malaysia came in third.

The DC regionals took place in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The grand finals took place at the atrium of I12 Katong. The eventual winner was too nervous to sleep before the tournament and almost lost to Singapore’s representative in hit sleep-deprived state, but his many hours of practice and concentration helped him clinch first place.

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The representatives of each country competed against each other in a challenge consisting seven Hoonigan challenges of Gymkhana in three separate rounds.

In the first round, players had the following challenges:

On the first track, contestants had the simple and familiar Yokohama Head2Head, where players had to best each other at Gymkhana tricks of “donuts”, “drifting”, smashing blocks and air time with their cars in the circuit in the fastest time.

On the second track players met each other on the Yokohama Trick Rush, an open shipyard where players had to pick up points and combos by doing the various Gymkhana tricks in that area. They played in freestyle mania, and the player with the highest points within a two-minute time frame, won.

On the third track the contestants were treated with another new challenge. The Nevada Smash Hunter, where players had to go smashing various coloured “walls” in a colour-coded order, to finish the race. The player with the shortest run, was awarded the full points.

In the second round the tracks were harder and grueling.

On the fourth track, players had to go “Head2Head” in the LA Head2Head Challenge, which was similar to Yokohama, but trickier and longer than the first. This was also the first time in the race that a tie breaker for Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia had to be played to determine a clear winner.

On the fifth track, we had the LA Smash Hunter, where players were treated to a “Dust Bowl of Coloured “walls” “ to smash, and had to clear the them in order and in the fastest time. The tracks, although tough, was cleared by all contestants with finesse and ease.

On the sixth track of the race, players were challenged again at the Battersea Trick Rush, where players had the field of the Battersea power station to do their Gymkhana tricks and accumulate points and combos to get the largest amount of points within a two-minute time frame.

The San Francisco Head2Head game was the last track and the final round for the tournament. It was the very same venue that Ken Block filmed his Gymkhana 5 video. The only different was that in the video game, it was at night. With dim lighting and fireworks for effects players had to perform their Gymkhana tricks at night to establish themselves as the best in Head2Head in San Francisco.


Mr. Wattanaphon has won himself a pair of pair of autographed Ken Block Pro Spec 3.0 driving shoes signed by Ken Block himself and a DC prize pack consisting of the best-selling backpack, Ken Block apparels, and an assortment of exclusive DC accessories.