TGX 2012: Indie iOS Game 2Fuse A Hit With Gamers

iOS rhythm game 2Fuse proved to be a hit with gamers at The Games eXpo (TGX) last weekend. 

The game is similar to Jubeat, but employs rhythm chains as its main game mechanic, as opposed to having players tap a beat out to accompanying music.

The fast paced Mojo Forest creation drew over 300 gamers in the three days it was showcased for competition at TGX. Gamers were invited to try their hand at hitting the highest possible score, with the winners for the day taking home an unspecified Xbox 360 game each.

The current world champion of 2Fuse also paid the event a visit. Though his current score is at an all time high of over 499,000, he gallantly stepped out so as to give other players a chance at winning.

2Fuse was not initially created as a competitive game. In fact, developers Mojo Forest described it to us as a game meant to have “mindless replayability”.

The game is free to play and available on the App Store, should you wish to train up for the next 2Fuse competition.