TGX 2012: CounterStrike Community Sees Revival At The Games eXpo

Too much CounterStrike, we’ve heard people complain.

But can one ever get enough of the exciting, spectator-friendly eSport that is CounterStrike?

During the recent The Games eXpo (TGX), we saw the stagnating CounterStrike community blossom anew with three different competitions surrounding three iterations of the game.

CounterStrike 1.6 was played as part of the Asia e-Sports Cup; CounterStrike Online graced the World Cyber Games Singapore qualifiers, and CounterStrike: Global Offensive was the highlight of the Asian Cyber Games.

The deluge of competition brought down teams old and new to TGX. We spotted Prasad Paramajothi, previously of Team TitaNs, competing under the team ‘Asking Questions’, while Eugene ‘quikz’ Tay of [Bf.Nut] also made an appearance with his players.

Also competing were Team Bovines, first place winners fresh from last weekend’s Armaggeddon CounterStrike: Global Offensive tournament, and team dream[S]cape, who jumped out at us because of how diverse their players’ ages were.

These teams later affirmed their presences as gamers to watch out for, with Asking Questions (team tag ‘??’) walking away with a trip to the Tokyo Game Show to compete in the Asia e-Sports Cup finals. Team Bovines retained their newfound dominance in the scene with a top placing for WCG Singapore, and dream[S]cape came from behind to snag the championship for the Asian Cyber Games.

However, for those of you wondering if the legendary Team TitaNs of yore will ever return can continue keeping your fingers crossed.

“It depends on the game itself,” Prasad told us. “They recently released a new version of CS. We’ll see how [CounterStrike: Global Offensive] goes. I personally think it’s unsuitable now, but if it gets any better, I’ll play. We’ll play.”