TGS 2012: Injustice Releases in Q2 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us will be released in April next year, NetherRealm Studios’ Adam Urbano told us yesterday.

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, Adam also added that while the final roster isn’t confirmed yet, there will be more than twenty characters for sure. He also promised that Studio Netherrealm would be unveiling more information on their story mode “very soon”.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a 2D fighting game produced by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Brothers. The game features heroes and villains from the DC Universe. The developer was also behind Mortal Kombat 9, so Injustice retains the same sleek, if armoured, feel to its aesthetics.

A key difference between Injustice and MK9 would be environmental interactions. Environments in Injustice are very interactive, and can be used together with character combos to inflict heavier damage (as well as for dramatic cutscenes, similar to those seen on the Dead or Alive series).

“We have certain modes that you won’t be expecting, and certain characters and backgrounds that we’ve picked – people won’t see it coming,” said Adam, hinting at more to come from the game.

Injustice has high expectations to live up to. NetherRealm Studios are hoping for the game to pick up where Mortal Kombat 9 left off.

“It’s going to be its own franchise,” Adam said. “It will be the next Mortal Kombat so we’re totally behind this game.”