TGS 2012: Gear Up For Resident Evil 6 With This Trailer

Hey. You can’t blame us if Capcom is also responsible for Resident Evil 6, and that they just released this trailer for it at Tokyo Game Show.

Taking it to Hollywood-style cinematics is this new trailer for Resident Evil/Biohazard 6, which also showcases how too many men in the game spoils the broth, but they’re going to have to put that aside if they ever want to save the world, which is really, in serious trouble ever since you-know-who died.

No RE6 PC For A While

Also according to, Capcom is saying there wasn’t work done on the PC version of Resident Evil 6 until they were sure the console versions were finished with and taken to Microsoft and Sony for approval. This was to ensure the PC developers had the final product to begin work on and not have something the result that was Resident Evil 4.

So PC gaming fans will have quite a bit of a wait before Resident Evil 6 is done.

Resident Evil 6 TGS Trailer is Sinister [CVG]