Test your devil-slaying skills in Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace mode

Is Devil May Cry 5‘s story mode too easy for you? Looking for a nice, challenging arena to go wild?

Well then, the new Bloody Palace game mode seems just about right for that! Imagine it… a hundred and one floors of pure devil-killing goodness. Indeed, I can’t think of a better place to chain those jaw-dropping combos.

Aside from me sounding like a real estate agent, the new mode actually brings a lot of replayability to the game. Considering that there isn’t much else to do in the main story apart from the usual collectibles and getting perfect combos, the Bloody Palace is a welcome inclusion. It’s pretty easy to unlock as well. All you have to do is beat the game on Human or Devil Hunter mode. Piece of cake, right?

For those who are unfamiliar, at first glance it seems like your average dungeon/survival mode, with levels getting more difficult as you progress. I guess that isn’t entirely wrong, but here you get to fully demonstrate your mastery – by pitting characters against bosses they wouldn’t encounter in the main story! For example, you can have Nero can go toe-to-toe against Cavaliere Angelo, or have V square off against Vergil. Whatever floats your boat.

Essentially, the reins are handed to the player for the most part. But some weapons, like Dante’s Cavaliere R, will be excluded for balance purposes. Capcom obviously doesn’t want anyone “cheese-ing” through it too easily.

Fair enough.

On that note, do remember that each character’s abilities will be registered as they are in your main playthrough, so you might want to unlock certain skills before you step into the Bloody Palace. That said, those 101 floors are no cakewalk. But assuming you do clear all of them, you’ll receive a tidy sum of Red Orbs, plus a cool character-exclusive taunt.

All in all, it’s amazing that you’re still here and not taking the Bloody Palace for a spin yet. In any case, challenge accepted, Capcom. I’m fully prepared to scream “Jackpot!” out the window when (and if) I do clear it!

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth is your dedicated jack of all trades gamer and borderline anime nut. When not writing, he likes to wind down with Overwatch, Apex Legends and a bit of Fate: Grand Order on the side.