TERA Publishers Cut Cost With Layoffs

En Masse Entertainment, the same folks who published the MMORPG TERA, have laid off an undisclosed number of employees.

TERA was ‘another one of those’ MMORPGs primed to take World of Warcraft down. Unfortunately, this recent layoff is testament to its failure of living up to that.

“We’re taking measure to align the needs of our business to continue supporting TERA and preparing for our future,” said publishing VP Chris Lee in a statement.

With the all-mighty World of Warcraft‘s subscriber numbers dropping steadily, and Star Wars: The Old Republic going free-to-play soon, it remains to be seen how TERA expects to stay relevant (or even profitable) in the P2P MMORPG industry.


(Source: GamesIndustry International. Photo: MMO Spotlight)