Tekken's Katsuhiro Harada's Meet & Greet In Singapore

Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada was recently in Singapore for an exclusive press con held at Bugis Junction’s TKA Virtualand arcade.

Harada-san was accompanied by senior game designer Michael Murray, who also doubled as his interpreter.

The press con turned out to be more of a meet and greet, with Harada-san and Michael fielding questions from the sixty-odd strong crowd of Tekken fans. Following a slew of queries, such as which Tekken game was Harada’s favourite, event organisers from Namco Bandai conducted a mini giveaway.

Six Tekken posters, signed on the spot by Harada himself, were handed out to lucky fans who managed to answer some simple questions.

After signing practically everything imaginable for all fans present (including someone’s video camera), Harada then sat down for a quick game of console Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with community leader Christine ‘shikz’ Lay. We’ll be posting the video footage of that up soon! (Harada lost)

Following that, both Harada and Michael made their way to local gaming café Tough Cookie to get to know the fighting game community better.

“It’s exciting (to have Harada in Singapore),” said 29 year old Willis Sia, a fighting game player. “It is also certainly great to see the man who used to be behind the Soul Calibur series here in Singapore,” he added.