Xbox One to Have Official Xbox 360 Emulator

During one of Microsoft’s Build developer conferences, it was revealed by partner development lead Frank Savage that Microsoft is going to develop an Xbox 360 emulator for Xbox One.

Talk of an Xbox 360 emulator began some time in September, when Microsoft’s senior director Albert Penello said that Xbox One could eventually offer backwards compatibility using Azure cloud servers. This was four months after Xbox chief Don Mattrick called backwards compatibility “backwards thinking”.

In November, Penello commented on cloud streaming, saying that it is too “failure-prone”. Quality service thus cannot be provided to consumers.

Angus Kidman, writer at Kotaku Australia, said that, “being able to run 360 games on the Xbox One doesn’t mean Microsoft would allow you to simply pop your existing discs in — it might well choose to copy Sony and resell you those titles as downloads.”

Source: Kotaku Australia