Singapore Has a BlackBerry Expert Centre at Last!

Research in Motion (RIM) has finally opened a BlackBerry Expert Centre in Singapore, at The Cathay on Handy Road. And like StarCraft II, we say it’s about time.

BlackBerry users in Singapore who encountered faults with their ‘Berries were previously only able to get their handsets replaced entirely by their respective telcos.

With the new new BlackBerry Expert Centre, however, BlackBerry users who need a quick fix can now expect to receive their repaired handhelds just 24 hours after sending it in for servicing.

Speaking after a media tour of the BB Expert Centre, Country Director for Singapore at RIM, Charles Dufourcq, said that “RIM is committed to making BlackBerry as relevant as possible” to all their Singapore customers, and that it “makes complete sense for [them] to ensure that all BlackBerry users have access to excellent after-sales support”.

The new BlackBerry Expert Centre also offers a dedicated dealer section for better, faster, and more convenient service.

The centre is located on the 4th floor of The Cathay on Handy Road, just next door to St. Games Café. It will operate daily from 11.00am to 8.00pm.