Secretlab Throne and Omega chairs receive upgrades and price drop

Homegrown gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab have made some exciting changes to their Omega and Throne lines. The 2018 editions now feature improvements to inner cushioning, armrests, hydraulic piston, and aesthetics, while also driving direct sale prices down to $469 and $399 respectively.

Both the inner cushioning (cold-cured foam) and the new lumbar pillow (memory foam) are designed to evenly distribute user weight. The armrests are now wider and contoured to be more ergonomically sensible, while the hydraulic piston has been adjusted so that more users are able to sit with their feet on the ground – doing so prevents “the possibility of poor blood circulation to the lower body.”

Those were just changes shared between the two models, as Secretlab have also given some unique updates to the Omega and Throne.

secretlab omega 2018


As the flagship product, the Omega was designed for the upmost in comfort and back support. The chair is padded with a thick layer of cold-cured foam, made to contain strategically placed air pockets that help to relieve pressure off the user’s back. The foam can retain its shape for years, while the upholstery is stain-resistant and durable ‘Prime PU’ leather. Users may also tilt, adjust, and lock the backrest to find their desired position, going from upright office chair to reclined lounge.

The 2018 edition refines its look to something modern and classy, yet the key change lies in the backrest wings, which are now more prominent and lower to reduce stress on the shoulders and back.

As for the Throne, gone is the visually-aggressive bucket seat from before. In its place are solid-colored chairs available in sporty hues such as the white, red, and the new purple. The overall design has also been revamped to suit office spaces and study rooms, not just gaming setups.

The Omega 2018 is listed at $620 while the Throne 2018 at $500. Singapore-based customers who purchase directly from Secretlab get lowered price tags of $469 and $399 respectively. The chairs come with a two-year functional parts warranty, and orders begin shipping on 4 November.

secretlab throne 2018

“When we floated the idea of redesigning our flagship Omega and the ever-popular Throne, our closest advisors said we were crazy,” said Ian Ang, Secretlab’s managing director and co-founder. “Why change something that isn’t broken? But better materials and manufacturing processes are now available to us, so it’d be irresponsible to our customers if we don’t continue innovating and refining useful features.”

He said that the company set out to create the best chair for its price in Singapore, though that objective has since carried them around the world – Secretlab chairs are currently available in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States. Though local operational costs have been rising, “the global operations have allowed us to enjoy greater economies of scale.” Hence the cheaper prices for local direct purchases.


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