Nintendo N64 Now Playable Over HDMI

23-year old Marshal H. has managed to make a HDMI converter for the N64, allowing players to play N64 games on their LCD televisions with improved graphics.

The HDMI converter

The HDMI converter is expected to be ready for sale within this quarter year, and it will be the tenth tech self-made gadget featured on his website, Retroactive. This genius has also made many portable consoles for sale, including YAP64 (Nintendo 64), Supertendo (Super Nintendo), Multari (Atari 2600) and L64 (Nintendo 64). At the moment, he has stopped producing these for sale, but they can still be bought second-hand online.

Apart from making innovative gadgets, Marshal also works on programming projects from time to time, including games and terrain rendering software. As if being a tech genius wasn’t enough, he also does photography.

Source: Retroactive