Logitech’s BRIO webcam handles 4K resolutions and high-contrast scenes


One of the few things that separate live streams from gameplay videos is the ubiquitous “facecam,” used as the centerpiece of a reaction-based channel, as a means of humor, or simply as a way of adding a more personal touch. It has its detractors but, when done well, can bring a significant boost to viewer interactivity.

The gold standard in setting one up has always been a full-fledged camera – either DSLR or mirrorless – though it isn’t always a feasible option. High-end webcams are a great alternative and Logitech have caught our eye with their latest product.

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The Logitech BRIO 4K Pro is an Ultra HD webcam with RightLight 3 and HDR. Depending on your needs, the camera records in 4K (Ultra HD), 1080p (Full HD), or 720p (HD); the frame rate is locked to 30 fps at 4K but can be increased to 60 fps at lower resolutions.

The combination of a 5X digital zoom and multiple FOV settings – 65°, 78°, and 90° – grant users the ability to focus on what’s important, cropping out any unnecessary background.

While the ability to capture clean and clear video is one thing, getting the right lighting conditions to do so is another. To that end, the Logitech BRIO utilizes a combination of RightLight 3 and HDR to account for both low light and high contrast situations.

Rounding up the feature list is its compatibility with Windows Hello and other infrared-based facial recognition to offer enterprise-grade login security.

All of that is tucked into a small device that clips onto your monitor. The webcam measures 4 × 1 × 1 inches and weighs 62.3 grams, whereas the clip is 1.4 × 3.9 × 0.22 inches and 42.5 grams. A far smaller footprint than a camera and tripod

The Logitech BRIO was an Innovation Award Honoree in the recent 2017 CES Innovation Awards, piquing the interest of consumers and businesses alike.

(Photo: Logitech)

A $435 $399 $339 price tag doesn’t make this a trivial purchase for most live streamers but it’s certainly something to consider when shopping around for an upgrade, particularly for its size and ease-of-use.

Update • 10 April 2017 — The official price is now at S$339.

Update • 31 March 2017 — Good news for anyone eyeing this particular model. Logitech has revised the official price down to S$399.

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