Logitech ups its lighting game with the G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse

We spend hundreds of dollars on our gaming PCs for the best in performance, so wouldn’t it make sense to invest on the one core interface between man and machine too? That’s what Logitech set out to do with its flagship gaming mouse, the G502 Proteus Core. The upcoming G502 Proteus Spectrum is exactly that, except they’ve added RGB lighting to match the mouse’s tunable nature.

Is RGB lighting the only thing that’s new? Well, yes, which is why they have the same G502 designation. Compare the listed technical specifications between the Spectrum (S$129) and the Core ($109) and you’ll see they mirror each other. Whether the custom lights are worth an extra $20 is a matter of personal taste, but at the very least you are getting a highly-regarded piece of hardware.

G502 RGB_Image 8The G502 is powered by what Logitech claims is their most accurate and responsive optical sensor, with zero acceleration, smoothing, filtering, or pixel rounding. Getting a good grasp on all that terminology is going to take a significant amount of reading and testing, so don’t stress over it. In fact, Logitech’s own gaming software, used to configure their peripherals, is a good starting point in understanding how it all works.

Rather, the other key consideration for any mouse is its ergonomics and, here, the G502 doesn’t disappoint. The textured rubber grips, comfortable button layout, and stellar build quality make for an impressive out-of-the-box experience. That feel can be further adjusted with weight and center of balance tuning via a magnetic weights system.

Combine that with programmable buttons, macros, and mouse profiles and, all of a sudden, you’re knee-deep in the best of what mice have to offer. Forget gaming — those multitude of keys and settings can be set-up for productivity too if you so desire.

So is it any wonder then, that Logitech have added customizable RGB lighting into the mix? Not really. They’re hardly the only company to turn colorful lately and besides, it’s a welcome feature for anyone wanting a consistent look for their gaming desktops.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is now available in Singapore.

(Photos: Logitech)

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