Team DM Eyes Claw Player Raymus

Homegrown Team DM let slip yesterday that it is looking to bring Raymus ‘Shen Yuan’ Chang onboard as its next sponsored player.

“He has [sic] good potential,” said co-founder and owner, Lennert Yang, of the Soul Calibur V and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition player.

Raymus has recently shown great progress in how he handles his main, Vega, and is the unofficial official sparring partner for Soul Calibur V players who are training for EVO 2k12. When told of the potential recruitment, a surprised Raymus literally spat in astonishment and asked, in disbelief, if the news was true. As with the second player that Team DM recruited, Raymus had no idea he was being eyeballed. He did, however, express his happiness, and added that he was inspired to work harder after this revelation.

Not that he needs to – Raymus is a guy who practices eight hours a day.

No word has been given on Team DM’s side as to when they are planning to bring him onboard officially. They currently have three sponsored players: DM.Xian, DM.Sam(antha) and DM.Zhi. But with the news now out in the fighting game community, it should only be a short while before ‘DM.Raymus’ starts popping up in tournaments!


(Photo: Edmund Yeong Photography)