"Beach Bum" GTA Online Update Brings The Action To The Beach Next Week

Getting cushy with your $500,000 GTA Online stimulus pack? Soak up the sun at Vespucci Beach when Rockstar drops the new “Beach Bum” update to GTAV’s online multiplayer, free.

The update will be slipped into game update 1.06 and will add new beach-themed jobs, like racing across the coast or taking out your rivals on Del Perro Pier. Don’t bother turning up at the beach in your fancy suits. The update will add apparel and hairstyles more suited for sand-kicking action like surfer attire and bikinis. New vehicles include dune buggies, off-road vehicles and a beach camper van, along with the return of the Speeder speedboat. Two new weapons, the broken bottle melee weapon and the SNS compact pistol will show your rivals who the true king of the beach is.

The additional vehicles and weapons will be available for all GTA Online players at no cost, not leaving out the game’s single player mode to let Michael, Franklin and Trevor in on the fun. Rockstar touts this content update as the “first of many”, with more content updates (free or not) coming in the months ahead, including the promised heist planning jobs and the Content Creator, not to mention some updates to Story Mode, hopefully adding the ability to pick the alternate path to heists, because I’d like to try robbing Vangelico the dumb and loud way.

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